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Media and Missions 

Sharing the Heart of our Operations

Where There Is No VISION, The People Perish.

                                                                  Proverbs 29:19

Using Visual Media To Promote
Christian Ministries, Resources, and Opportunities 

For Believers To Grow In Christ
And Expand The Family,


Sunset Run
Run With It - Videos About Christian Ministries

BC Mission named our Run With It initiative from Habakkuk 2:2.  Our collaborative work with other Christians energizes us to run and share with our audience opportunities to join faith and love in action.  We love working with other Christian organizations by helping them tell their story! Let us Run With Your Story!


Run With It was designed to proclaim both the goodness of God's work being done and provide people with the opportunity to get personally connected and involved around the world. A key aspect of this ministry focuses on educating today's youth in basic media skills and then helping connect them with ministry mentors ready to help put those skills into action, sharing the Love of Christ.

Boy Checking his Phone
Bread Crumbs - Short Bible Lessons

Bread Crumbs is the cornerstone of BC Ministries.  We want to give people looking for devotionals short real world applications of Bible truth.  We started this adventure wanting to share the beauty and power of simplicity.  It came from an honest truth.  Most people can't stop and sit for a 20-30 minute sermon, but they have 5-10 minutes to kill by watching a video or reading a short article during a coffee or lunch break.


We designed Bread Crumbs to prepare the Bread of Life in bite size pieces to fit everyone's schedule.  If the Bible doesn't feel relatable or relevant to you, than let us introduce you to Bible object lessons.  Bible truth is not complicated, but application requires dedication. Bread Crumbs is our, Little is Much when God is in it.


Sharing the Gospel on mission trips just got easier!  We are creating a multilingual video library of native speakers presenting a simple yet culturally relevant presentation of the Gospel in video format.  These 3-5 minute presentations to lead someone to the Lord can be used to share the Gospel in video format the same way traditional tracts were handed out to previous generations. Our library is growing one volunteer at time until we have at least one video for each language group!

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