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Our Team Members


Morgan Hatt

Hebrews 10:24

After earning her Communication degree, Morgan Hatt volunteered with Americorp, Teach for America.  Her love for inner-city youth outreach began with a 13 year long ministry working in East St. Louis. It continued to Houston, Baton Rouge, and finally to Jacksonville, Florida.


Gerald and Andelia Hatt

Isaiah 6:8

Upon retirement from the Air Force, Gerald Hatt became a project manager at a software development company.  He has extensive experience managing organizations’ productivity, money management, and training workers, Gerald and his wife Andelia worked closely with missionaries training national pastors during their time stationed overseas and believe firmly in helping national pastors.  


Michael and Kristin Alvarez

Jude 22

As an ordained preacher, Michael Alvarez served fifteen years as a youth pastor in Valdosta, Georgia.  Along with wife Kristin, Michael has experience serving with missionaries in Mexico, Honduras, Haiti, and the Philippines.


Daniel and Adriana Stewart

Joshua 1:9

Gunnery Sergeant Daniel Stewart's time serving in US Marine Corps gives him an extensive background in mission-oriented leadership and strategic planning.  Daniel and his wife Adriana are experienced in facilitating church community outreach with years of practice maintaining quality relationships with community leaders and businesses both in the spiritual and secular environments.


Jim and Shelia Fraker

1 John 3:4

James Fraker has over 20 years experience as a business founder and owner in the St. Louis Metro-East area after his service with US Army.  Recognized by the state of Illinois as an ordained pastor, James is able to conduct sermons in the prisons to reach inmates for Christ. He and his wife Sheila have taught and created children and youth Bible lessons for 25+ years.

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