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Personal Evangelism + Skeptical World = Apologetics

BC Missions' origins was a classroom full of students. We know the power of personal evangelism in school and what it can do. Click Here to check out this new book, Apologetics For A Skeptical World: 7 Simple Keys To Being Personal Evangelism When You Are Starting Worlds Apart.

BC Missions is using an affiliate link because we are confident in the ability of this resource to help.

Here is the book description:

Are You Ready To Share Your Faith?

Personal Evangelism to a skeptical world requires being prepared with a basic knowledge of common topics discussed in apologetics. The truth is some of the people who hear about your faith will have honest questions. They are going to be looking for the foundation of your faith.

Apologetics is not an attack on other people’s doubts or unbelief.

It is the ability to “give an answer” as Peter said in 1 Peter 3:15.

We will be using Apologetics in the art of persuasion, not confrontation.

After reading this book you will be ready and equipped to

  • Engage in friendly conversations with people from other religions

  • Talk one-on-one or lead a discussion about faith

  • Find sources to answer the skeptics who come calling

Don’t worry, you are not going to need to become a lawyer or great debater to talk about Christianity or your faith. It isn’t even going to require too much investigation!

For the veteran or beginner, if you want help to start, lead, and finish productive conversations with anyone about Jesus Christ and the hope inside of you, then hit the link, this book is for you!

PS. If the word apologetics sounds intimidating or you are just a curious person, you can follow the link below to read the introduction and start of chapter 1 as a sample to see if this will be a book for you.

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