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Digital Storytelling

The power of social media is the documentation of personal stories. Humans want to see and hear stories about their community, friends, family, and country to feel connected and relevant.  FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out is a major driving factor for much of the world's screen time.  We help organizations of all sizes capture and tell their story online.  Sharing engaging visual stories builds a connection and support structure through an online audience. 

Are you recruiting volunteers or new workers? 

Tell Your Story

Are you fundraising? 

Tell Your Story. 

Want to tell people about Christ's Love? 

Tell Your Story. 

If you don't have a video overview and marketing strategy of your company or ministry, let us come and help you connect with your audience through digital storytelling.   Someone from our team will film on location* interviews and follow close beside you to capture a true snap shot of the work God called you to complete.  We don't script or pre-draft interviews.  Our goal is to capture, as real as possible, your unique testimony of God's love. 

BC Missions specializes in hard to capture storytelling

We've followed and covered ministries dealing with closed countries, remote rainforest villages, third-world countries suffering from civil unrest and severe poverty, as well as multiple locations within the United States.

We want to "Run With" your story no matter where it starts or finishes.  We believe that even in the "uttermost" parts of the world there are powerful stories proclaiming that God is not dead nor does He sleep.  We come along side helping those ministries present their work and God's power to the world.  We KNOW that SEEING God work through you can provoke other Christians to love and good works (Hebrews 10:24).


Are you new to social media? Perhaps you aren't from the millennial generation, but your heart wants to reach more people for Christ.  We can help.  Don't worry, we won't demand you learn text language LOL, #hashtag this, or buy a selfie stick.

What we can do is help you show more and say less to bring a generational audience that is overwhelmingly visual learners.
A consultation with us will include a breakdown of your current digital footprint including websites, blogs, or news coverage.  We provide you with an overview of practical branding and marketing options for your organization to help further your ministry without over taxing your workforce.


Need media support for your community outreach?

BC Missions' content creators can help your ministry get the word out in record time. 

Or maybe at your special event you want video and pictures for your website and social media outlets, but your people are all busy focusing on operations. If you need help covering the event.  BC Missions is ready to be a ministry partner.

We'll tell your story so you can focus on living it.

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